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Local Writer/Producer/Director

Christopher Hensel, who played motorcycle cousin Jeb Stuart Duke on

the Dukes of Hazzard, plans to do just that, and this is his story:

For the last year I have been diligently working on my new Faith-Based, wholesome family entertainment, and coming of age drama film series, Salvage Yard “Shine” Boys. We are ready to begin the pre-production phase of the movie, and we need your help. 


The complete Movie Pitch Deck,  Movie Poster, EXECUTIVE SUMMARY and Business Plan are NOW READY and AVAILABLE for interested Investors from now until JULY 31st.  Keep watching for the latest  parts of the script to be released, like TODAY!

Again, please let me know if you have any local investors who would love to become part of this New Wholesome Faith Based Family Entertainment Film Series as we are getting very close now.

Call us today at 774-318-1488 Thank you for your support.

e-mail us at : 

We now have a Fiscal Sponsorship with "From The heart Productions" which is a Non-Profit 501C-3 Corp. so that you may Donate to this worthy cause and have a $1 for $1 tax write off.

We are a new Faith-Based family film production company ready to begin pre-production of our first major motion picture to be shot on location in Tennessee this fall and released in the spring of 2019. 






The Tennessee Film Company

Along with



Jesus Sifuentes-Line Producer

 I am here to announce that we are now ready to begin the Pre-Production phase of the process. We need your help with this Multi-Picture Faith Franchise. I am also currently writing the next two sequels. I am also aligned with the Non-Profit “From The Heart Productions” which is a Non-Profit 501 C 3 Corp. that sponsors us, as we are a Faith Based Film Series. So, if you can't invest with us, you can still Donate to help us make this happen and you can write off your donations if you so choose $1 for $1.  Thank you for your support.

Salvage Yard "Shine" Boys is a Faith-based family film series that tracks a young country western singer's journey into stardom. While she (Kat) is working for her moonshining functioning alcoholic parents and grandfather at the Salvage Yard, writing music and singing at church and talent shows, she gets kidnapped by an old high school bully turned hardened criminal who is seeking out revenge against the family. The estranged brothers, caused by a fight over a girl, 21 years before, must be able to put their differences aside and try to come together as one family unit, to save her life.

At the core of our film is a story about family, faith, and living your dreams. While the family is dealing with personal dynamics like bitter estrangements, bending the law to make ends meet, relying on your faith in moments of both joy and heartache, and fighting tooth and nail to fulfill your destiny, this movie series is a tale of Americana that will resonate with all audiences.

Complete with special musical guest stars, car chases, and a barn burning finale that will keep you on the edge of your seat.



Kat goes over to see Jan at the choir area where there is a sound system, electric piano, and room for a guitar or two.

The service begins and there is a fiery , passionate sermon about why God takes wonderful good people and how we have to believe that it is God's will be done, even though it is hard on the people left behind. They have to stay strong for the rest of the family no matter how much it hurts.

We hear some bits of Kat's song as she sings it during the service secretly hoping that Grady will show up. We only capture some of the meanings as Kat will also perform this song at the Talent Showcase. 



(To Kat)

So, what's this about your talking to my mother? Why didn't you say something? That's just plain weird.


Honey, let her speak. 

(To Kat) )

What's this all about honey?

How long has this been going on?


I guess it's been quite a while now. I was dreaming about my music and being in Nashville and trying to write the perfect song, and , this woman kept on walking by and just looking at me nodding. It was as though she was cheering me on.


Told you she was a weirdo.

Ken smacks him upside the head


Shut up boy and let her talk.


Where were you when you first saw her? 

(Kat looks at her quizzically) )

I mean what were you doing?


I was on this stage in this huge empty auditorium, and I could hear people in the back talking and moving things-maybe for some show going on that evening. I saw this woman walking down the aisle and smiling at me the whole time. She kept getting closer and closer and then she stopped. At that moment, our eyes met, and even though we'd never met, I knew it was her! She was beautiful, not old, not sick!

The Reverend is listening intently and trying to figure out what this all means as he knows Gloria is going to ask him what it all means soon. So he finally sits up a bit and asks.


So did she say anything?


No, she just stood and studied me. I could see she was proud of me. Then I glanced down at the piano and when I looked up, she was gone.


That's just like mom. 

(Gloria hits him on the shoulder)


Stop that. Let her tell the story. Go on, honey.


Yes, please continue Kat.


This dream kept happening on and off for quite a few days, but with  each day she kept getting closer and closer. Our eyes would meet and I would look down and poof, she was gone again. Finally, I didn't look down anymore. I had to be sure it was her, so I said hello.

Everyone is on the edge of their seat as Kat is just relieved that she finally told them. Finally, they are all still spellbound so the Reverend says...


And then what happened?


She told me she was waiting for me to speak so she could talk. Some sort of rule from Heaven she said. She told me she had been watching me all along. She told me what a wonderful young lady I turned out be and it was really freaking me out, for a while. But she had a calmness to hear voice. Her eyes were familiar and I felt I had known her for years. Then suddenly, her eyes welled with tears. She told me she's worried about Grady. She's worried his anger will keep him from seeing her again. She says to tell him she loves him and that she's ok. But I'm afraid! How can I do that?


Baby, why didn't you tell us?


Well, can't you see, it's a bit out there mom. Would you have believed me?


I always would believe you. Lyla Jane was such a wonderful woman. It sounds just like her.


(tearing up a bit)

Yes sir, that sure sounds like mom. Worrying about Dad from the grave.

Everyone is truly amazed at what Kat has been through, but yet they are calmly comforted by it.


I sure wish Grady would have come to church today.


So do I, Reverend. So do I. 


You're not mad are you mom?


Oh honey, why would I be mad? I just wish you would have told me sooner so I could help you enjoy this wonderful, ...... uhm, what do we call this Reverend?


I would say,'s a miracle Gloria. A real life miracle.


DO you still talk to her?


Not really. It's been a couple of weeks. She did inspire me to believe and have more faith that I am on the right track for my life, and that's why I wrote the song. I was hoping Grady would come by and hear it and know that it's her talking through me to get to him. That she's fine and he will be ok. I just didn't know how to tell him so I wanted to do what I do best. Sing it to him.

Kat breaks down, and so does everyone else in the room, including tough old Tommy Boy. They all hug Kat and say their good byes while exiting the church into the parking lot.


You can help us today


My budget is 5 times less than the average feature film budget. Therefore, you will easily have a chance to make over 5 times your investment within 6-13 months!

My conservative predictions are around $12,000,000.00, but, I truly believe we will be over $50,000,000 in a short time.

That is why I am asking for your support.

I am seeking between $200,000.00 - $350,000.00 for pre-production (within the next two to four weeks, to be able to film this year and release the movie by spring of 2019), The development monies can then be rolled into the production money. The initial monies will be used to film our own trailer prior to the actual filming in October with three major stars and a couple of brand new faith-based and country western music expressly written for this film.  I have the Executive Summaries for the Development Money and the Production Money for your perusal. The Production Money Total will be $1,400,000.00. 

We are waiting for the return of Letter’s of Intent from Charlie Daniels, Stephen Dorff, Toby Keith, Trace Adkins, Charles Esten, & more. Already signed on are Sonny Shroyer, Larry Wilcox, Tanya Tucker, and Byron Cherry.

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